What makes me happy?

So life took over again and my blog was neglected… I have been travelling a lot for the past few weeks (nothing interesting or exotic though) and been extremely exhausted!

So I was reading this post by a blogger colleague of mine and she has a series called what makes me happy on her blog. This is a regular feature for her and it got me thinking… what made me happy back in time needn’t work that way anymore. My sources of joy today may not be relevant tomo! And if we did not have this constant change, our lives would be so so boring. So shamelessly lifting her idea I want to write down what makes me happy now. I don’t think it’d be a regular feature like hers but will try and write down when I can…when the list alters 🙂
  1. My Baby: A simple hug from her or  cute smile thrown my way is enough to make my heart melt. Her smart alec retorts, her mimicing everything around and joyful laughter are things that make my day. So definitely top of my list 🙂
  2. A good book: Reading a good book makes me happy. Reading mind you. When it ends, I feel sad… yeah, am weird that way!
  3. Swimming: Even though I am not a regular, swimming or just being near water gives me such a high! It is almost as if the water pulls all tension out of my body! It is not only relaxing, but a source of enjoyment for me.
  4. Awards: Awards. In the plural. Yes, I am greedy. Awards and recognition at work. Who doesn’t like that, eh?
  5. Lipstick: Now this list couldn’t be complete without a mention of vanity. Could it? I love my lipsticks to the core. And putting one on definitely makes me happy 😀
Happy Me!

What makes you happy?

And finally, since I am inspired by another blogger, it is only fair to give her credit. No? Check her post out here.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)