5 Last Minute Ideas for your New Year Eve Dresses that won’t break the bank!

If you are the kind os person who leaves things till the last minute or you thought you would not go and party this new year eve but only just decided that you will in fact go and party, chances are you are wondering, “What Do I Wear”? Before you go hunting the malls or boutiques for new year eve dresses, pause and think. Can you wear something from your wardrobe? Is there a way you can avoid breaking your bank and still sport some fabulous new year eve dresses? You can! Here are some last minute ideas for new year eve

6 Tips on Getting Back to Work post Maternity Leave

Becoming a mother is one of the most overwhelming experiences in a woman’s life. Once you have popped the baby out and gone through the joys and struggles of being a new mum, the pregnancy is long forgotten.  Your days and nights blend into one. Time is now measured in terms of feeding, nap and diaper changes. Amongst all this, you push one thought firmly at the back of your head – about returning to work. Are you losing sleep over it? I know I did! Returning to work after having a baby can be mentally daunting. Whether you are a

5 Tips to Beat Exam Stress

The way I have been working these days, reminded me of my exams. I recollected then that a lot of colleges would have exams now. Exams give me nightmares. Still do in fact. I still have dreams where I find myself absolutely unprepared  on the morning of an exam. I wake up in a stress and have to remind myself that I have passed that stage more than a decade ago. So here are a few tips to beat exam stress – Rid yourself of distractions – This is a no brainer really. Half the stress during exams is due

5 Time Saving Grooming Tips for Busy Mornings

Hey there, how many of you face crazy mornings? Getting kids ready? Getting chores done and practically sprinting out of the house to catch your train/bus / taxi or beat the rush hour traffic? In this madness, how often do you skip your grooming? I say grooming here and not makeup because makeup can be skipped but not grooming. There are times I have left without as much as brushing my hair. But then, I realised that there are time-saving devices that can be fit into the crazy routines. Here are the 5 Time Saving Grooming Tips that I try. 5