Roles Women Play Career Woman

In my second post on the Roles Women Play, I want to talk about the role of a career woman. I have shared my thoughts about women at work during the A2Z blogging challenge of professional life. In my corporate career I have come across many women; several of them I like, few I admire, and a handful that I would like to emulate. Julie Woods-Moss is one of the latter. Julie is my boss’s boss’s boss. She is also the CMO of my company and when not travelling, based out of UK. So the opportunities of one-one transactions with her have hardly risen in the last three odd months that I have been a part of her team. I however have been observing her from much before and here are somethings I have learnt from listening to her talks and stalking her on social media.

Leadership Lessons I Learnt from Julie Woods-Moss

Julie Woods-Moss, CMO, Tata Communications
Julie Woods-Moss, CMO, Tata Communications Limited
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