The Best 10 Resorts In Bangalore For A Team Outing

The Best 10 Resorts In Bangalore For A Team Outing

Team building is very important for any organisation to grow. It is the team that works together for the business of the company and is the team that makes it profitable. So, it is vital or the organisation to create teams that gel well together and have an excellent working relationship. To create rapport and unity among the team members, various companies follow various methods. Some go for team lunches and dinners, some party together and others (according to a recent viral video) play music for 10 minutes urging the teams to dance on the floor… the office floor! And yet, a team outing remains one of the most popular ways for team building. I think taking people out of the war zone… err office premises to a neutral relaxed atmosphere really helps. This trend is really popular with organisations that have lower average employee age so I can imagine the number of companies in Bangalore wanting to do team outings regularly and Bangalore does not disappoint. It is one of those cities which have amazing resorts situated on the outskirts as well as within the city. These resorts make an excellent choice for team outings. Check out ten such resorts in Bangalore that are the awesome for team outings…


WindFlower, Prakruti

Situated in Devanahalli Taluk, this resort is almost 25kms away from the bustle of the city. It has many attractions that for a whole day for nothing but pure enjoyment. WindFlower Resort tariff starts from Rs.1300 and after availing discounts, you can enjoy it for Rs.1100. The main attractions at this resort include Swimming, Cricket, Football, Carrom and Chess. BMX Challenge, Paintball, Zorbing, and ATV rides are available too.


Discovery Village Resort

This resort is situated at the foothills of Nandi Hills and helps the team enjoy a breezy weather along with some great activities that the resort offers. The primary activities here include Zorbing, exploring cave, tent stay, amphitheater, indoor and outdoor games, swimming, etc. Acid Bridge, Mind Field and Spider Web are some of the exciting games you can enjoy here. It is about 55kms from the city.


Mango Mist Resort

Mango Mist Resort is situated about 12kms away from Electronic City. Located in the midst of Mango Orchard, this resort has numerous cottages which are named after various names of Mangoes. Poolside and tree top dining attracts the people here. It also has BBQ, bar, mist dance floor, numerous sports activities including football, cricket, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball and various other indoor games, paintball, fish spa, fishing and boating and lots more. You can even prefer staying at this resort.


The Best 10 Resorts In Bangalore For A Team Outing
Team Bonding Games

Jade Coconut Grove

If you are looking out for entertainment along with the luxury, then Jade Coconut Grove is your choice. Situated around 90kms away from the heart of the city this resort will make your team experience anything that is wonderful. With amazing architecture around, the ambience of this resort is perhaps the best one!


Golden Palms Resort                                                      

Golden Palms resort is yet again a fantastic choice. Surrounded by Palm trees and situated off Tumkur Road, this resort is known for its best luxury and hospitality. This resort is renowned for having the biggest swimming pool (130 mt) in the country by any hotels/resorts. Badminton, Tennis, Squash, etc. are the various games available.


Holiday Village Resort

Holiday Village Resort entertains teams with activities including Plank walk, nuclear balance, keypunch, gutterball and gumbo cricket. All these are great for building up the team spirit. DJ halls, party area, snooker are other attractions of this resort.

The Best 10 Resorts In Bangalore For A Team Outing
Partying together with the Team

Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

If your team wants to spend some time with nature and enjoy some relaxed time off, then Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges is the choice. Situated close to the Cauvery River, it is also a beautiful spot for the weekend getaway.


Urban Valley Resort

Urban Valley resort is also a great choice for some adventure. Karaoke night is yet another highlight. Paintball, Jet ski, ATV rides, blindfold tent, pick the fruit, acid walk, keypunch, etc. are other added activities.


Xplore Adventure

Xplore Adventure is the perfect place to get away from all your busy schedules, meetings, targets and spend some quality time with your colleagues to know them better. The price is comparatively low at Rs.600 excluding taxes. Mud sports, rock climbing, archery, shooting, zorbing, rope activities, bungee jumping, rain dance, etc. are the attractions here.


Nature Adventure Camp, Kanakpura Road

Located 50kms away from the city, this place allows the team to various things ranging from trekking to exploring wildlife. If you plan to stay, you can enjoy the mountains and the lake along with some group activities at this resort.


Apart from these resorts, exploring new places can also be considered for a team outing. You check for fabulous deals for comfortable stay and transportation at OyoRooms, PayTM Hotels, NearBuy, etc.

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  1. Team building is very important for any organization to grow. It is a great way to facilitate bonding with your team members. It is essential every once in a while to celebrate team successes, motivate the team to perform better and need a break from the stress of daily work load.

    Some of the famous resort places are given below:
    Mango Mist Resort
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    Holiday Village Resort

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