Mothers Day Out – at KidZania

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KidZania is a role play based indoor activity centre for kids. It allows children to participate in various activities and experience being an artist, a pilot, a dentist, a fireman or even a dabbawala! The Mumbai centre was running a promo on Mother’s Day. As a special treat to the mommies, they were allowing the mommies to participate in activities with the kids. They invited a few Mommy bloggers to participate in the celebration by becoming an intern with their child and assisting in the activities. When Ritu reached out to the JAMM’s group with the invite, I leapt up at the opportunity. After much discussion in the group all of us agreed to meet at 10 am sharp.

KidZania JAMMs
Selfie with mom 🙂

I had an easy breezy morning waking the baby and getting her dresses and fed – all in the name of the KidZania visit. I met JAMM’s Mommy bloggers Disha, Nilima and Jasmeet along with Ritu. We entered as a group and agreed to take a group picture before the little ones pulled us along in different directions to their favourite activities!

KidZania JAMMs
The Kiddos pose

We started off encashing a cheque of fifty KidZos. Confused? Well you see KidZania is like a little country and has it’s own currency called KidZos. Upon entry, every child is given 50 KidZos. They can use these KidZos to learn skills like airline crew training, firefighting training or even buy merchandise. The other category of activities allows kids to earn money. I have realised that my daughter is more excited at the thought of earning the KidZos than spending them. Everytime we go there, we come back with more KidZos than the last time. This time was no exception.

KidZania JAMMs
Aryahi and Sara show off their KidZos

We did chocos making, pilot training, dentist, pottery, art and craft, mural painting, kiwi picking and then a hotel management one! In all this while, we also managed to eat cupcakes and sandwiches 🙂 What I like about KidZania is that they have activities that can engage children from ages 4 to almost 12. I am looking forward to the time she is older and can do the radio station, dance academy and acting school! The in house refreshments make it easy for a quick energy recharge in between activities. By the time the first shift ended at 3 pm, all of us were absolutely exhausted and looking forward to giving our little feet a little rest. The little ones though had to be pulled out of the place!

Leaving you all with a few pictures of the awesome time we had! Click on the thumbnails below to see the gallery. The header image is courtesy Nilima Mohite, Gallery images are mine and Disha’s


Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated by KidZania or JAMM’s for it. I was however given complimentary entry to KidZania along with my daughter. The views expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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