The Linen League

The first time I heard of Linen shirts for men was when I saw a huge hoarding of designer Rohit Bal. This was a few years ago and he was launching or probably endorsing a brand that made linen shirts for men. Up until that point, I only knew of linen as a fabric used by women; that too for extremely casual clothing. That was the first time I saw linen in mainstream fashion. The hoarding claimed exclusivity and the message the ad carried was that you had to be special to be a part of The Linen League!

The Linen League

Men’s fashion has come a long way since. Linen has acquired a special space in the hearts and wardrobes of stylish men. What makes Linen Special? Linen Shirts and Trousers are super duper cool. The material is light, fluid and absorbent too. It falls beautifully and create awesome drapes. Nothing speaks relaxed like a linen attire. So whats the catch? It will WRINKLE! It takes a lot of confidence to sport a wrinkled linen shirt and matching chinos. To me, it says that the man is comfortable in his own skin and does not care that his clothes are wrinkled. Such a person clearly does not believe in the adage, “Clothes maketh the man”. That is all cool for hanging out with friends, a casual date or even a day out in the humid Indian summer.

For formal occasions, the opinion between linen is divided. Those who prefer a bit of a lived in look with their formals or need to dress business casual in summer could opt for linen. However, to me a formal outfit made of linen just doesn’t cut it. If you have to wear it to work, then be so on a Friday. Linen suits and jackets may work in semi formal environment but I just cannot wrap my head around a wrinkly suit! I remember an incident when I was in London. One of our colleagues wore a linen shirt to work. He was teased mercilessly about his wrinkled look! It was all in good fun then but it is just possible that you could get to hear a caustic remark or two.

If you ask me, sport your breezy linen on weekends and holidays! What do you think?

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