BNLF – Blog Now, Life Forever!!!!

Are you familiar with Indian Saas-Bahu dramas? You know, the ones which have more twists and turns than the hairpin bends of Himalayan roads and every single twist is repeated thrice, lest you missed it the first time! Well, if you are not, don’t worry… my post will give you the flavour. If you are, get the pop corn and the cola out…


Scene 1 – Anks was going thru her business happily on the world wide net when she decided to go check out what was new on Indiblogger. She clicks on something that said BNLF and then…

Anks: Oh wow..

Change Camera Angle

Anks: Oh wow..

Change Camera Angle

Anks: Oh wow..!!! Another event by Indiblogger… peppy music too. Wonder what this is all about!

She reads through the launch microsite and this is her reaction…

Anks: I have got to apply for this…!!! This sounds like something BIG… The name itself is so cool. Trust Indiblogger to name their conference – Blog Now, Life Forever!!! Oh, bloggers can apply for crew too!!!

Change Camera Angle

Anks: Oh, bloggers can apply for crew too!!!

Change Camera Angle again

Anks: Oh, bloggers can apply for crew too!!!

Applies for Indicrew…


Scene 2 – Anks was gloomily working on her boring corporate presentation. Think droopy eyes and loud yawns when she decides to check Indiblogger out for a break.

Anks: Oh My God!

Change Camera Angle

Anks: Oh My GOD!

Change Camera Angle yet again

Anks: Oh MY GOD!!! The BNLF dates and speakers are out

Grins. All signs of sleepiness and boredom vanished. Eyes are twinkling and she is bouncing on her feet.

Anks: Whoa. Look at all those big names in blogging…

Let us introduce a new character here. TAE (not to be confused with the trendy BAE). TAE is The Alter Ego. A boring pessimistic version of Anks. If Anks is like a ray of sunshine, TAE is like a dark, damp London alley. Imagine Anks in pastel colored clothes, free flowing open hair and little or no makeup. TAE is in a dark heavy velvet dress, severe top bun and oxblood lips!

TAE: So, whats the big deal?

Anks: Whats the big deal? Whats the big deal? Whats the big deal?  (happens too fast for camera angles to change) Have you looked at this list? I mean really, have you? Anshul Tewari, Jeff Bullas, Kannan Gill, Preeti Shenoy and Purba Ray!!!

TAE files her nails, lazily looks up at Anks, raises a single eye brow and drawls

TAE: I don’t get it. What IS the big deal?

Anks: These guys are a big deal. Some of the biggest names in blogging. And Purba Ray!!! I mean a chance to meet Sting Ray – Maa Purba herself!

For those who don’t know, Anks is a BIG fan of Purba. She does a little jig when Purba promotes her posts on IB and gloats when Purba replies to her on twitter! 

Anks: I love Purba’s writing and here is a chance to meet her. In person. And if I get a backstage pass, I could party with her too. That would be awesome sauce….!

TAE: As if they would give you the pass… bah… thousands of bloggers would have applied for this BNLF thingie

Anks: Yes, they may have. But I am gonna get a pass. And I will get it before them all… You wait and watch. Huh!!

Anks storms off and TAE gives a cackle not much different from Cruella DeVille

Scene 3 – Anks was checking out her last emails for the day when this mail popped up from Indiblogger. She clicks to read it and her eyes grow as big as saucers

Anks: I knew it! TAE, you are gonna eat your words…

TAE: Really darling, what is it now?

Anks: Look, this email from IB. They are giving me a chance to get the passes before everyone! All I have to do is write a post…

TAE: It is a contest honey… what are you gonna say?

Anks starts to think. TAE laughs when Anks is staring at her blank screen.

Anks: Why am I excited about BNLF?

TAE: God alone Knows!!!

Anks gives TAE a dirty look and starts jotting down these bullets.

“Why am I excited about BNLF?

  • I love it that we get to meet blogging superstars
  • I am excited to know what has worked for them and what has not
  • Every IB meet I have gone to, I have made tons of friends… am looking forward to doing that here too!
  • I really want to go meet Purba 😛
  • But most of all, I want to hear the stories of these people, who were like me before the became blogging superstars. I want to be inspired. To hear that, “Anks, you can do it too”


And that guys was why I want to attend this event. I began blogging in 2004, quit thrice and came back to it each time. I wake up at 5 am sometimes to do my posts. I am a crazy blogger trying to find her feet still. Ironically, it was an event like this a year ago, the Mumbai edition of IB WordUp that prompted me to start my own hosted blog and change the way I looked at blogging. Who knows what BNLF will do???

Blog Now, Life Forever!!!

The event that changed it all - WordUp!!
The event that changed it all – WordUp!!

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  2. Viyoma

    Hilarious the way you presented it. Camera Angle thing was too good…I just finished a blog post on Indian Television revolution titled ” An Idiot Box to a Wall Mount Dictator”. I was looking for similar posts on this subject- and yours popped up.

    Enjoy the Blogging Conf – unfo I will be missing it.

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