Book Review: I Do! Do I? by Ruchita Misra


I have a lot of friends who love books and being a part of that club means I have discussed many a book with my friends. Never before though have I discussed a book with the author. So the one time I did, I felt very cool and have to have to tell you guys about it!

The book in question happens to be I Do! Do I? and is a sequel to The (In)eligible Bachelor’s by  Ruchita Misra. (Why can’t she have normal titles without all the special characters is going to be my next question to her!)


I Do! Do I? by Ruchita Misra
I Do! Do I? Cover Page

IDDIinRuchita’s ownwordsisaMaasala entertainer and I would have to agree. The book makes you laugh (a lot), cry (a bit) and turn every page tillyoureadthevery end. Anyone who has loving friends, crazy friends, caring friends or enemies turned friends will love the underlying theme of friendship in this book. If you have had a failed or asuccessfulromanceitwill brings back loads of memories.

There are small moments in the book that collectively make it a delight to read. Each character has its own quirks but no one can beat the madness of Kas. The entries in her diary and her general exasperation with the world (and her own contribution to it) are hilarious.


What also made the experience absolutely awesome for me is that I was able to tell Ruchita what I loved about the book almost as soon as I read it. When you discuss books with friends, don’t you ask things like, “What was the author thinking?” or “What prompted them to write a certain scene?” Well,  I could ask her and the behind the scenes glimpse was such fun!


Thank you superwoman for being friends with me. You are truly an inspiration! And I am still waiting for another lunch in the kitchen with all the mad laughs 🙂

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