Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 3 : My Experience

If I thought yesterday, the Day 2 of my GM diet was difficult to manage since I was in the workshop… I had a rude shock on Day 3!! My maid took an unplanned leave and around mid morning we decided to get some chores done. I only could manage the following and was extremely faint by end of the day. Menu for Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 3 Breakfast was 2 slices of water melons at approx 10 am Lunch was a bowl and a half of GM wonder soup at 1.30 pm Dinner was 2 slices of papaya and

Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 2 : My Experience

Day 2 of GM Diet was in 17th October and I was in a day long workshop. My day started really early and ended quite late. Here is what I ate: Menu for Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 2 Breakfast was a boiled potato with a bit of olive oil and cumin along with one black tea at 7:30 am At 11:00 am I had a cup of green tea Lunch was at 1:30 pm and since it was part of the workshop, I did not have much choice. I opted for a small serving of tomato soup and 2

Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 1 : My Experience

I started with the GM diet on 16th October 2014 and being a fruit lover, I found it quite easy to follow! Menu for Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 1 Breakfast was a slice of watermelon and a glass of water at about 8:00 am Had a cup of green tea at 9.30 am I had 2 more slices of watermelon at 11 am Lunch was around 2:00 pm and consisted of 2 slices of papaya, 2 of watermelon, a thin pineapple and 4 slices of apples. I also had a bowl of curd since the fruits did not satiate me

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet : Why Am I Trying It?

The  first time I heard of GM diet,  I scoffed at the idea. I was a totally idealistic girl back then and such a huge foodie that the idea of a crash diet was simply  unacceptable. Years later, I mellowed down and decided to give it a shot. This was in 2008. I was able to do the first three days with ease and then on the fourth day, the milk and banana day I cried. I actually cried during dinner time and hubby coaxed me into giving it up. I lost about 2 kilos that time. Next time I