Coffee Body Scrub – Thank you Rads

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Now we all agree that fabulous skincare secrets lurk on our kitchen shelves, it takes some God-sent soul to remind us and then some motivation to haul our lazy asses to kitchen and use them. One such God-sent soul is Rads from My Weekend Ramblings. If you haven’t been to her blog, just head over there and see her awesome photography right now! She has a great sense of humor, loves all things Chanel and has some great skincare posts on her blog. One such post is about the divine Coffee Scrub (she makes that look like chocolate ice cream and mine looks like… well, never mind that)

Whenever I have used this scrub, my skin has felt luxuriously soft. I feel like wearing flirty feminine clothes and floating about like a pampered queen! You get the drift. Right? It is the best body scrub ever. Try it!

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