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While I was coming to work this morning, heard Tadap Tadap Ke on radio. Must’ve heard this song only about a few hundred times before, but it still gave me goosebumps! (that’s why the title of the post!) Wonder what it is about this song… is it KK’s voice, Ismail Darbaar’s composition, the lyrics or all of it put together… I don’t know! I simply love the song…. and its amazing, coz generally, i don’t like sad songs, sad stories or sad books…. but this song, in spite of the pathos, is not depressing…. the only other such song that i can remember is Rula Ke Gaya Sapna from Jewel Thief…

I remember I had Tadap Tadap Ke on an audio cassette in college, and I herad it so much, it was worn out! Wonder why I love that song so much…

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