The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales #BookReview

If you have looked at my GoodReads book list, you would realise that fantasy fiction makes up a huge part of it. It would have to be my favourite genre and I am forever looking for new reads in it. When I was offered a chance to read and review The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales, I jumped at it! Plot of The Sorcery Code The book is about set in a place where Sorcerers are an elite group, holding power over the commoners who are just beginning the stir up a revolution given the socio – economic divide between

Illustrated Harry Potter Characters by Jim Kay

I read an article on Mashable about Harry Potter’s first illustrated book and just had to talk about it! The Potterhead that I am, my first thought on the illustrated books was Me wants…. Me wants!!! Why Illustrated Harry Potter Characters excite me? I have been looking to buy the entire series for a long time now for my 12 year old inner child my daughter. And the illustrated books sound like the perfect way to get her started on a series I love. I would to talk Potter with her! When I saw the illustrated Harry Potter characters, I was blown