Illustrated Harry Potter Characters by Jim Kay


I read an article on Mashable about Harry Potter’s first illustrated book and just had to talk about it! The Potterhead that I am, my first thought on the illustrated books was

Me wants…. Me wants!!!

Why Illustrated Harry Potter Characters excite me?

I have been looking to buy the entire series for a long time now for my 12 year old inner child my daughter. And the illustrated books sound like the perfect way to get her started on a series I love. I would to talk Potter with her! When I saw the illustrated Harry Potter characters, I was blown away. It was like the artist, Jim Kay has given a shape and form to JK Rowling’s words! And that is no small job considering that the Harry Potter movies have been such huge hits. The images are not inspired by the movies or the cover art used previously. Thumbs Up from me 🙂

Harry Potter

Love the way he has captured the innocence of Harry. A boy with messy hair and a scar who looks younger than his years

Image: Jim Kay / Bloomsbury Publishing

Ron Weasly

As a sidekick he is ever faithful. The one word that stuck about Ron’s description was Gangly. I think this illustration personifies Gangly

Image: Jim Kay / Bloomsbury Publishing

Hermione Granger

No offence to the casting directors but Emma Watson was always too pretty to play JK Rowling’s bushy haired, buck toothed bookworm of a heroine. I know they have to be pretty on celluloid and Emma is so gorgeous to look at, no one complained. This illustrated Hermione is much closer to the author’s version i feel

Image: Jim Kay / Bloomsbury Publishing

I am eagerly waiting for these to be out. Can’t wait to see what is in store for us Potter fans!! What about you? Do you like these Illustrated Harry Potter Characters?


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