Who tells Parents to #DoYourHomework?

“Do Your Homework” is perhaps one of the most common phrases parents tell to school going children. I suppose it is right up there after “No!”. This time around, Axis Mutual Fund turns the tables on the parents and instead tells them #DoYourHomework

When I was invited by Axis Mutual Fund to be a part of their investor education awareness campaign called Do Your Homework, I was intrigued. Why are they talking about homework? More surprisingly, I was invited to attend the event with my daughter. They said that they had a fun activity planned with the kids and how right they were!

Axis Mutual Fund DoYourHomework

The first thing that caught my eye at the event venue was these rows of easels. I wondered what they were going to ask the kids to draw. Turns out it was not only the kids who had to draw but the parents too. They made the parents and their kids stand facing each other and asked us to draw and paint. The kids had to paint what they wanted to be when they grew up and the parents had to draw what they thought the kids wanted to be when they grew up. The catch – you can’t ask the kids! It has to be a secret!!

When the time was up, we had the big reveal. Guess what… our dreams matched!! psst – it was not a secret to me that my baby wants to work with her dad at his office and that is exactly what we both made.

Axis Mutual Fund DoYourHomework

The point of this fun little activity was that children today have a very good idea about what they want to be from a very young age. They have a wide variety of career options available and the exposure to choose. Chandresh Kumar Nigam from Axis Mutual Fund said that his 8 year old wanted to be a Cetologist (zoologists who studies whales and dolphins) and when he heard that term for the first time he did not even know what It meant. That could very easily have been me! I began to wonder. If my kiddo takes a liking to dinosaurs she just may decide to be a palaeontologist! I have no idea how does one go about becoming that. As parents, are we prepared to support them in their dreams? Have we done our homework in ensuring that they can pursue the career of their choice without having to worry about the high costs of education?

Axis Mutual Fund DoYourHomework

He said that they conducted a nationwide research about parent’s preparedness for the child’s future. The most popular options were savings accounts in banks, fixed deposits and the likes. A majority of them said that they depended on education loans though! Education loans were not so easy to come by a decade and a half ago and by the time my five year old needs this, who knows how complicated or how expensive it will be. This is where the Axis Mutual Fund Do Your Homework campaign comes in. They are trying to give parents all that they will need to fulfil their child’s aspirations. On their micro site Do Your Homework, they have information about many career options that kids have today, the education courses around them as well as a calculator that will help you plan for funding this course for your child. There is a little treat for your child as well in terms of story books and activity sheets that can be downloaded.

The event served as a reminder to me that my kid is growing up fast and that I too need to start planning for her future. What about you people? Are you ready to Do Your Homework?

Axis Mutual Fund DoYourHomework


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