A Trek, Waterfall Rappelling and River Water Bathing

This is what I did yesterday.  l had gone on a trip organised from work. The day started really early and after a three hour drive away from the city we reached the base village. This was a popular trail and the base village has lots of homes which offer food, clean sanitation and resting options to trekkers. We were in one such home. I loved the poha and upma they served.
The trek was an hour long affair and I surprised myself by being one of the first five to complete it. Sure I was panting and I did start to cramp my foot but that did not stop me. For someone who absolutely hated treks in school and used every possible excuse to avoid it, this was a big thing. What also surprised me was the fact that I actually enjoyed it 🙂
Trek done, next came the reason I signed up for this trip. The waterfall rappelling. See the rock below? That is where we rappelled! After about have the way, the rock surface disappears and we have a free fall. Add to that a gushing waterfall and it is a pure bliss!

Waterfall Rappelling
This is the rock surface we rappelled on
We also saw an ancient 2500 year old cave! The sad part was that there was novisible effort from the authorities to promote it. It was a small cave but it has another waterfall that covers its mouth in the rains. And this second waterfall would put a jaccuzi to shame. We spent a good hour there playing in the water. By this time we were famished and headed back to the base where hot homemade chicken waited for us. The food was as good as the morning. Since we were the first group to come back, we had about two hours to kill at the base.
There was a river running through the village, it was early evening, the clouds ensured there was no sun and a gentle breeze was blowing. Well what can I say, we sat in the middle of the river on rocks. It was such fun to sit there and have the water flow around us. An excellent end to the day that refreshed us for the ride ahead.
On this trek, I spoke to a colleague who is an avid trekker. She was one of the organisers and said that her group was scheduled to go for another trek the next day. Today when I am nursing a sore back, she is out climbing another hill! We met her friend who has been trekking since he was nine. He leads the treks for their group and is actually a doctor by profession.
Talking to them made me realise that we spend our days so engrossed Iin the everyday chores. So few of us actually do things that make us happy regularly. Be it reading a book or learning to dance. Be it playing a sport or gardening. There are people around us who follow their hobbies and passions and yet are successful at work. Such a balance maybe tough to strike but is truly the way to live fully. No?


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)