Why we listen to radio

So this morning I heard a catchy song on my wall to work.  When I reached office, I was still humming that tune. my Neighbour heard it and he commented about it. He asked me which radio Station I had been listening to. And then a few of us got into a discussion about the popular radio stations and the radio jockeys on air.
“You know what’s funny”, he asked.”That we have so much of technology at our disposal now and we still listen to radio.Our parents used to listen to radio.”
And I told him it is very easy to listen to the radio because we don’t have to make any decisions.  Just turn it on and the songs play for you. How true is that?
And how often in our lives are we willing to let others make decisions for us? If we do that, do we have the right to crib about having a mediocre life?  Are we listening to songs others pick out for us?


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)