All That Jazz!

I can not drive. When I was a teenager all my friends were learning to drive. I was happier to read. Once I started working, no time became the excuse for everything I did not want to do. I remember my father in law enticing me with a new car. He said, “Beta, the day you get your license, I will buy you a new car!” He is still waiting to do it. All these years and I just did not find a car that appealed me enough to want to learn to drive.

And then, I saw the Jazz! The new Jazz… and I was tempted… very very tempted! Have you looked at it? It looks elegant and fun at the same time. Just like me.

Honda Jazz

Those gorgeous looks aside, the car is totally feature packed. One of them that caught my fancy was the Magic Seats. As someone who has taken loads of road trips and some with a toddler, I can truly appreciate the flexibility of a vehicle that allows me to turn the seats into a bed! I believe that the world’s best engineering minds can get together and make a good fuel efficient, high power vehicle. However, what would make the car truly awesome would be the attention to detail on utility and comfort. The Jazz has it. There are power plugs, USB ports, multiple cup holders and 354 litres of boot space. Perfect for those long drives and road trips. I see a huge advantage of the integrated boot on such journeys. You can throw in all of your bags at the back. Even the ones that have eatables, books and other utilities you would need in the journey and retrieve them when needed. There is no need to keep stopping and opening the boot. Clearly road trips are on my mind here 🙂

Honda claims that with the new Jazz, “No matter where you go, you can always feel secure”. They have added dual SRS airbags and even pedestrian injury mitigation with the new body structure. Safety is high on their agenda. I like that they offer five variants to choose from as well as a Diesel version that boasts of a fuel efficiency of upto 27.3 km per litre! The cost conscious Indian in me likes this flexibility. I am sure that anyone looking to buy a luxury hatchback would want this as well.

This car has me seriously thinking about picking up driving. Even if I am not a top class driver, I can get the Automatic variant and enjoy this superb car!


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