How to write a Gratitude List

How to write Gratitude Lists

In 2012, I learnt about the Law of Attraction. One of the tools that helps you manifest your desires is a Gratitude List. I understood the concept of it and thought it was simple enough to adopt. I even started an anonymous blog to write down my gratitude lists and successes with manifestation. And then I realised that I did not know how to write a gratitude list. The first two three days were easy. My health, my family, my job, my material comforts. Then what? I could go on repeating it but that was not helping. It became monotonous and I eventually stopped doing it.

I was reminded of gratitude lists again an year later by the person who taught me the law. At that time, I read a little more about it. Over the last two years, I have been writing them and still wonder sometimes about how to write a gratitude list. So I go back to the people who practice it and seek help. As a result, I have read a lot about it and today I want to share with you, all that I have learnt about gratitude. These are my thoughts and my interpretation of the Law of Attraction and how to make it work for you.

Before I tell you how to write a gratitude list, I want to tell you why to write a gratitude list. Doing something without knowing why is no help at all. That is like blind faith. Isn’t it?

Why Gratitude Lists Work?

The Law of Attraction says that we manifest what we feel. If our feelings are positive, we bring in good things into our life. As human beings, we have a tendency to compare and focus on what we do not have. This generates feelings of want and insufficiency that bring about negative feelings. To reverse this, we need mood shifters. We need to remind ourselves to be happy and content. What better way of doing that than counting your blessings? That is exactly what a gratitude list is. When you remember everything that you have, everything that makes you feel loved or privileged or blessed, you feel happy. This changes the frequency at which you communicate and you begin to manifest positively.

So the big question is…

Gratitude Lists

How to write a Gratitude List?

Step 1 – Find something to Write On

The best part about gratitude lists is that you do not need much to begin. You just need to be able to write. You could count your blessings in your head as well but writing is more beneficial. You write it down and then you read it. That reaffirms. Besides, writing them down in a single place serves as a reminder of all things good – past and present. There are other tools like Visualisation Boards which work well too but need lot more. A gratitude list can be created anytime, anywhere. If you have a book and pen handy, use that. You can also type a document on your computer, write a note on your phone or even scribble on a tissue. Anything works. Just write it.

Step 2 – Think of everything you have

When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. This was the hardest part for me and I had to learn and practice. I must admit that I still struggle sometimes when I am stressed or low. I wrote a post on 5 reasons to be grateful where I talk about my health, my family and friends etc. These are most common things people think of. What we forget are important things that we take for granted. Let me share examples –

  1. Be thankful for your ability to see. Your eyesight is a gift. Isn’t it? Ask someone who is blind or someone who has lost their eye sight. They would give you a limb to be able to see. You have a poor eye sight? Be thankful you have access to corrective glasses. You have frequent eye infections? Be grateful you can get medical help. You have perfect vision? Be extremely thankful for the gift of perfect sight.
  2. Be thankful for your home. Many of us wish to have better homes. We want them to be bigger, better located, more ventilated, more beautiful. We forget about millions of homeless people in the world. Be thankful you have a home to go back to. A place to rest, a place for family. Isn’t that a blessing worth thanking?
  3. Be thankful for your food and water. If you are living in a city, you would have had access to water. Be extremely thankful for that. For not having to wait for hours in a queue or walk miles to get water. All you have to do is turn a tap. So what if you have to store some water and get up early in the morning to do it? Point is, you have access to it.

Aren’t these things that add to our day to day stress? Imagine thinking of them as blessings instead. How much better you would end up feeling?

Step 3 – Be thankful for things you are yet to receive

Now this is a magic step really. If you are trying to manifest something, make sure to include it in your gratitude list. Imagine having it already and enjoying it. Be thankful for it and also include it into your gratitude list. It is a sure fire way of accelerating your manifestation.

Like all things, writing gratitude lists becomes easier with practice. Till then, if you have questions on how to write gratitude lists, seek help. Am sharing with you an amazing video I found on you tube. It has awesome affirmations and gratitude elements.

I feel having a beautiful book acts as a motivator in making regular lists. You can get this gorgeous looking one from amazon!

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  1. We are designing a happiness folder album where the gratitude list is an important element. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to write one.

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