Beauty Tip – Reusing Unflattering Lipsticks

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All you lipstick lovers out there, how many unflattering shades do you have? What do you do with them unflattering tubes of colour? Do you work at that relationship or just move on? I try some of these:

  • Lipstain: Sometimes, the full on colour can be a bit too much. Specially so if the colour is bold and bright. Moisturise your lips with a balm, dab it lightly across lips and rub with your index finger. You could leave it at that or top with a clear gloss
  • Layering Colours: I use this trick all the time. You’d be surprised how two unflattering colours together make a colour that you will love. Two negatives make a positive. No? Or use the unflattering colour beneath others to warm up, cool out, tone down and brighten other lipsticks
  • Eyeshadow Base: Before you go screaming about it creasing, it won’t crease if you use a primer. A soft wash of lip colour will work as a cream shadow!
  • Blush Blush Blush: My all time favourite method! Lipsticks make the most perfect blush ever. The frosty ones make highlighters and matte ones make blushes and bronzers.

What are your tricks? How do you make them work??

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