My Hairstyles Story – Part 2

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Hairstyles 11

I shared part 1 of My Hairstyles Story yesterday. It had paused when my hair was damaged in the second straightening.

My Hairstyles 8

I tried everything from weekly hair spas to serums and potions. They seemed damaged beyond repair. I had no choice then. I was forced to cut it short!

My Hairstyles 9

There was nothing to do but wait for the entire damage part to grow out. I kept the length short and got bangs again…

My Hairstyles 10

And then I cut my hair shorter. It had not been this short for two decades! Guess I was just eager to be rid of the damaged hair. This extremely short look make for a nice change. For a while washing and combing hair felt weird. But I loved the compliments 🙂

My Hairstyles 11

I maintained a shoulder length till about last October. That was when I decided to grow them out a bit. Have been growing them out ever since…

My Hairstyles 12

And finally this is what its gotten to. Maybe about 6 inches of growth in the last 7 months….

And now, I am thinking of cutting it in such a way as to eliminate the layers all together and go for a sleek bob. Do you think I should do it?

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10 thoughts on “My Hairstyles Story – Part 2

  1. Wow, what a wonderful story of changing hairstyles. You look great with long and shorter hair.
    I think it’s great to experiment with hair lengths…..because hair grows back.
    If ask me, I think you should go for a short bob; as long as it’s only a bob, below the ears. Anything shorter and you will be spending precious time styling it everyday.
    Must say you were very brave to cut off that waist length hair : )

    1. Brave or foolhardy is something I still keep debating upon 🙂

      You are right that that hair allows you to experiment because we feel it will always grow back 🙂 Thanks for suggesting the look… I am in double mind about the bob… somedays I want to do it and on others I chicken out….!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)