My Hairstyles Story – Part 1

Hairstyles 1

Over the last couple of years, I have had a string of different hairstyles. Some were my choice, some were the need of the hour. A sharing my story with you guys today…

Hairstyles 1

My extremely long hair phase. The fell a foot or so below my waist. I had it cut in layers once and would plait them everyday. They were extremely difficult to maintain. I had occasional good hair days like the one above but a string of bad hair days where they would look limp and lifeless. I debated with my self and then…

Hairstyles 2

…chopped off those long tresses to this layered cut. It was quite a drastic change in my look. For a while everyone was shocked. I felt lighter. So much lighter and took almost 30 minutes off my morning routine!

Hairstyles 3

The layered look continued for a while. I played with the length but the basic cut was the same. In the meantime I got married and moved to Delhi. I tried various salons there including the Javed Habib one. Was quite happy with the healthy bouncy hair.

Hairstyles 4

Then I straightened my hair. My hair grew well when I was pregnant and in a year I had a good length but it was all frizzy. Hence the straightening. I sported this look for two years and absolutely loved it!!!

Hairstyles 5

Though I loved the manageability, I was hankering a change. In a crazy fit, I got bangs one day…!

Hairstyles 6

When the roots grew, I had the choice of straightening the new growth. However, I got rid of the straightened bit and was back to a layered cut. This time with lots of volume on the crown.

Hairstyles 7

After a year of the voluminous layers, I was craving my straight fizz free hair. So i got it straightened again. Then began the nightmare. It was a botched up job. My hair became dry and brittle!

Hope you enjoyed my hairstyles journey so far… do come back tomorrow for part 2 of the story 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Hairstyles Story – Part 1”

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  3. Well even I try different hair styles with short hair. Hv never had long hair. I cut wen it goes below shoulder. Reason? Not a fan of long hair

  4. I just love the ‘ knee length hair’ or is it more? I always wanted longer hair but…I was fond of the scissors!
    Everything looks good on you, you can carry it well 🙂 –all the styles!

    1. Aww thanks… It was not knee length… a good foot above that! I never craved for knee length I dunno why…

      Now is a good time as any to start… 🙂 try growing them out… with your workouts and fitness focus, your hair will benefit too!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)