Review: Colorbar Triple Act Compact

Being the proverbial lazy gal, I like products that do more than one role for me 🙂 A foundation, concealer and compact rolled into one sounds heavenly. Does it not? I’d tried Lakme 9 to 5 triple compact and was reasonably happy with it. So, I decided to give this Colorbar one a shot. Was I happy? Was I disappointed? Read on to find out…

What Colorbar Says
This 3 in 1 concealer, foundation and compact is a one-step makeup. The Triple Act Compact Powder reduces spots and blemishes, gives a glowing complexion and a smooth and oil-free finish. Containing sunscreen, it protects the skin and gives it a fresh look. Triple Act Compact Powder is available seven shades – Neutral, Sand, Dusk, Marble, Fawn, Bisque and Walnut

What I Think
This is an extremely drying product. So much so that even on my combination skin, dry patches are visible! Everything else works in its favor but the drying nullifies this all. The shade I got is 005 Fawn. This is what it looks like

I think the packaging is quite nice. The lock snaps well, the sponge goes in the top compartment and the product is in the bottom compartment. The sponge is of really poor quality and combined with the dry product, it was a disaster. 
I applied this with a foundation brush, dry sponge, fingers and a wet sponge! Wet sponge gave me the best results. To combat the extreme dryness, i applied liberal amounts of moisturizer or water over my face, picked the product with a wet sponge and then blended it in. That is the only way I got this to work. However, the shade is too light for me 🙁 Here is me wearing this… (this pic was taken almost a year ago!)
This is a medium to heavy coverage product and works well to hide blemishes. If you are oily skinned or can work around the dryness, this is a really a very good product. It lasts for the whole day on me and covers blemishes like a charm. I use it as a concealer these days.
The Good
  1. Good Coverage and works as a foundation cum concealer.
  2. Mattifying. You don’t need a powder as it sets to powder finish
  3. Sturdy Packaging
  4. Long Lasting
The Bad
  1. Leaves a whitish cast in flash photographs. Quite a whitish cast. I must add!
  2. The sponge is pathetic
  3. This is not good for your five minute touch-ups. You need to have a moist face and apply it with a wet sponge
The Ugly

Extremely Extremely drying (in case it wasn’t clear earlier on) which makes it a very difficult product to use. My Lakme triple compact was much better than this.

Final Rating

11 thoughts on “Review: Colorbar Triple Act Compact”

  1. @ Namita, please try out the tester in the store… you just may like it 🙂

    thanks 🙂 this was citywalk last year… that tree is phenomenal.. nahi? i wonder what the decorations are this year…

  2. @ Anuradha, thanks a lot 🙂 liquid foundations have never worked for me for some reason… some reason they don’t give me that result.. they either oxisdise or the finish is awful…

  3. OHH n I was planning to but it 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

    But u look lovely in the pic,,select city walk I suppose ,, haina ? Christmas time last year,,

  4. Well-I had real bad experience with the Lakme 9-to-5 creme compact-I sorta run away from creme compact/powder foundations since then 😀 😀 For me the best is liquid foundation-below which a good moisturiser is a must!! 🙂 nice review Ankita-looking prettyyyyy!!!!!

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