Superstitions and Realisations

Climbing Rocky Stairs

Today while on the commute to work we had a pair of black cows cross our vehicle. In another ten minutes, a white tomcat ran out on the road and  crossed the  road just ahead of us. My immediate reaction to hubby was…

Better a kaali gaayen and safed billi than a safed gaayen and kaali billi

Its better to have the black cow and white cat than a white cow and black cat


We laughed at the thought it and then I began to wonder why I said this… I look at myself  as a modern woman who does  believe  in  superstition  and mumbo-jumbo . And yet the first thought  that popped into mind was rooted on an age old superstition  that black cats are inauspicious. They say that it is true that when under stress, the true nature of  a person is revealed.  What does this say about  me? Am I not as progressive as I think I am? Are my true self and logical self at logger heads with each other. I was reflecting on this for a while the other day and realised that the superstitions or certain beliefs are in grained into us by conditioning. These could be a result of the atmosphere we live in, work in, our education, our friends… the books we read etc. As just as they can be added, they can be changed or replaced. Experiences, awareness and education can change the beliefs that we don’t like and allow us to imbibe ones that we do. That is part of growing up and becoming wiser. Realising this is the key to self awareness and utilising this realisation is the path to self actualisation.

So, in effect, I am on the path to becoming a better me!
Climbing Rocky Stairs
On my way to being a better me!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)