Thoughts and Flowers

The one thing with thoughts is that if you don’t capture them when they appear, they get lost… often to not return, just like a moment in time that never comes back. So I had this thought that was weird, way too weird. I thought of a flower that has fallen from a tree… When the flower was up at the tree, it made the tree more beautiful. Smiling amongst the green leaves, it was a symbol of the tree’s health, its bounty. After falling from the tree, it gets picked up and makes something else beautiful. At the feet

Just Do It – #MicroblogMondays

It has been ages since I did a #MicroblogMondays post. It is so tough to form a habit but so so tough to get out of it. We keep thinking and thinking and thinking. We analyse the ifs, the buts and everything in between. We plan the start of planning, we plan the start and then we plan to start. We list the pros, the cons and the pros that could later become cons. You get the drift. Don’t you? And the result of all this is one big resounding headache! And what happens when a headache comes on? We indulge in

Superstitions and Realisations

Today while on the commute to work we had a pair of black cows cross our vehicle. In another ten minutes, a white tomcat ran out on the road and  crossed the  road just ahead of us. My immediate reaction to hubby was… Better a kaali gaayen and safed billi than a safed gaayen and kaali billi Its better to have the black cow and white cat than a white cow and black cat   We laughed at the thought it and then I began to wonder why I said this… I look at myself  as a modern woman who

A thought….

Reports, processes, documents and meetings are keeping me a bit busy these days…. to add to that is my new story, ready in the mind……. a lot of it on blank sides of documents no longer useful….. I’ve got to organise those and complete typing out the whole thing…. And while all this has been eating up my time, my blogs been feeling a little left out….. So I write a thought that a friend of mine sent me Everybody wants heaven, But no one wants to die! Ironic, and simple, with a ring of truth in it…….. don’t you