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Just Do It

It has been ages since I did a #MicroblogMondays post. It is so tough to form a habit but so so tough to get out of it. We keep thinking and thinking and thinking. We analyse the ifs, the buts and everything in between. We plan the start of planning, we plan the start and then we plan to start. We list the pros, the cons and the pros that could later become cons. You get the drift. Don’t you? And the result of all this is one big resounding headache! And what happens when a headache comes on? We indulge in endless cups of chai, some drown themselves in coffee and others pop a pill and try to rest. All this while, what was needed to be done keeps going in circles at the back of our heads. Nothing actually gets done, mind you. But the stress just escalates. Has this ever happened to you? No? Then you are one lucky soul. Because it happens to me! Many times. I have these fantastic ideas about all things I will do in the weekend and make grand plans. When the weekend comes, what gets done is zilch.

So from this week onward, my mantra is to Just Do It! I will think less and do more. It may lead to some foolhardy things but then at least something will happen. Better than planning and not doing. What do you think?

Just Do It
Enough Thinking… Just Do it!


16 thoughts on “Just Do It – #MicroblogMondays”

  1. New habits are hard to set… I’m trying to set a couple new habits of my own. Just do it, and keep trying if it doesn’t take right away. 🙂

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! And not just because I referenced the “Just Do It” phrase in my own blog post today.

    Overthinking is definitely one of my biggest stumbling blocks. And life would be boring without a little foolhardiness here and there, wouldn’t it? *grin*

    1. There you are girl! Life would indeed be boring 😀 we all need a healthy dose of that in life… imagine how boring would all our life stories be without any impulse, ant foolhardiness!

    1. Are you successful at it Parul? Coz if you are, I wanna know your secret… please please please share 🙂

  3. hmmm… depends on what you want to do and how much you want to do… but yeah do really basic planning once and let go on it, on more… for example take a paper list down what you want to do and then plan how you will do it… just a sketch and then go ahead… for me just going and doing it works to beat laziness… be crazy but careful thats all… it is good to plan but not over think… have fun next weekend whatever you do… just be active and don’t get lazy or too lazy… I hope I made sense…its because I ent for a thinking workshop and they told know what you want, and then do some planning, smart thinking and go that is why.

    1. I agree some basic planning helps… but I tend to get into too much thought… and then nothing really happens… I like what they taught you at the workshop… maybe I will adopt that next 🙂

      1. There is a difference between over thinking and confusion, and objective planning… just be prepared minimally… for example if your going to a concert have have no way to come back, spend the money go for the concert but don’t stay over there too late, come back at a time which is convinient for you but if you feel it is really a short time to stay so not worth going to concert, decide your not going…somtimes solutions come up like a friend might want to go there and you can plan to go together etc… but honestly doing things out of impulse has worked for me and nice surprises have come for it… I also over think and go no where , not only that I decide based on assumtions that are errorneous, like I will be burden if I go there, so lets not go there we will be less of burden and such things…its better to think objectively without stupid assumptions, if you want to do it ultimately you should… try it out and let me know… but don’t do things totally without thought, our society still blames us for taking risks and if a disaster happens blame will be put on us…anyway.

        1. Your first statement is bang on… challenge is I slip into over thinking mode… and like you I have loved things I decided to do on impulse… they were also delightful because there was no pressure of planning and no stress when things did not go as planned… so the gist is to not be foolhardy and not be over cautious 🙂 thank you for visiting again… hope to see you around!

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