Mohenjo Daro – Movie Review

You have been living under a rock if you do not know about Mohenjo Daro – Ashutosh Gowariker’s latest magnum opus. Ashutosh Gowariker seems to be travelling further in history with every film. I imagine how tough this must have been to research and maintain authenticity. A civilisation that was wiped away in 19th century BCE and has only been reconstructed by logical deductions of scholars is truly an enigma. I remember a dreary history lesson in high school where my teacher addressed a class of half asleep teens saying, “Very little is known about the people, the culture and

Bombay Velvet Review

I saw Bombay Velvet starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar today. I left the theater with mixed feelings and then decided to do a Bombay Velvet Review post. Bombay Velvet Review – The Good Things Bombay Velvet is an extremely stylish movie. The Sepia tones help establish an old world feel. I can only imagine the effort the filmmakers would have put up in creating that period feel. It is believable and looks great! The movie is about a Jazz club and while I am no expert in sound, the entire movie stayed true to the Jazz theme.

Random Ramblings…

Last couple of days have been very very hectic. There was lots of action at work, lots of things at the home front and some emotional moments to deal with. Throw PMS and a dental surgery into this mix and you have one hot mess – me!As I sit back and look at the moments gone by, I realise that a lot of them were spent in a limbo. And yet there were those exhilarating moments of joy, small victories to be celebrated and emotions worth keeping close to my heart. Good to know that I am living these moments

Inane… Mundane….

Sometimes, your hand just itches to write…. There is a clouding of thoughts in your head and you don’t have a clear picture of what you wanna say… but the words, they just want to tumble out! This is probably going to be one of those posts… 🙂 Oh and in case anyone is wondering what this will be about, the answer is me!!! Me – stamped all over my blog in bold… I guess that is a result of the huge ego I have. And I do have a 100 foot ego. As long as I can still be