Random Ramblings…

Last couple of days have been very very hectic. There was lots of action at work, lots of things at the home front and some emotional moments to deal with. Throw PMS and a dental surgery into this mix and you have one hot mess – me!As I sit back and look at the moments gone by, I realise that a lot of them were spent in a limbo. And yet there were those exhilarating moments of joy, small victories to be celebrated and emotions worth keeping close to my heart. Good to know that I am living these moments and not just going thru them.And right now, life is good. I met up with my blog buddies again and though this one was shorter by comparison, time just flew! When you connect with like minded people, friendships become so easy… and if it were not for the internet, I would not have found some of those people…

I also saw Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Chennai Express last week. Loved both of them. Different genres but entertainers complete. Kudos to Farhan Akhtar for his work in BMB. He has to walk away with all the awards this year…! And I hope my dear SRK gives us another My Name is Khan-esque performance soon. His monkey act is getting repetitive now and not really age appropriate.

I haven’t been reading a lot these days. I blame it on my schedule. I miss it so much. Itching to pick up the Mughal series by Alex Rutherford. And more than that, I miss writing. I am working on a new idea for a blog series and hopefully that will see the light of the day soon!

Till then, be happy 🙂


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