Pure Bliss!!

Those who know me well, know that I am a complete water baby… I love to be in the water. In fact, the sight of a water body calms me… and then its no surprise that I enjoy swimming. I am not the best swimmer around, but I can betcha I enjoy it more than anyone else in the pool. Even the kids who are just splashing each other with water.I swam after a gap of a few weeks today. A real hard, limb aching swim and I feel I am in heaven. I am so charged up and full of energy after those laps that I finally understand what fitness freaks mean! Every time my arm ached or my foot began to cramp, i’d fix my eyes to the end of the pool and simply concentrate on reaching there. And i’d do it! It was sooo great. Hubby said I had a grin of unadulterated happiness on my face throughout! I know, I replied. It was Pure Bliss!

A sample grin during swimming!



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