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Sometimes, your hand just itches to write…. There is a clouding of thoughts in your head and you don’t have a clear picture of what you wanna say… but the words, they just want to tumble out! This is probably going to be one of those posts… 🙂

Oh and in case anyone is wondering what this will be about, the answer is me!!! Me – stamped all over my blog in bold… I guess that is a result of the huge ego I have. And I do have a 100 foot ego. As long as I can still be nice and humble I deserve to have an ego…. What say? It’s been nearly a year of being married and living in a new city. One that was not alien to me, but not very known either. I think the magnitude of our country’s capital makes it impossible for anyone to be completely familiar with it… But part of the fun and the irritation of moving to a new city is having to discover your eco system in it… A tailor recommended by the family perhaps did not like my face; he spoiled 2 of my dresses… and expensive ones too…. So then I set about trying to find one, an enterprise I have failed in… am still trying, adding experiments to my wardrobe – not that I mind – but the dent I am making in hubby’s pocket just may begin to show in a while 😉 Another BIG challenge – find a decent beautician! I know it sounds vain, but trust me – it is akin to finding an oil well! Specially when you have sensitive skin and are clearly freaky about hygiene and professionalism… a killer combo I tell you…! Though I must say I have been lucky enough to find a good hair stylist… new hairdo’s every quarter is something I have quite begun to enjoy! But this is the lighter part of the ecosystem… a more important one is your family, the household help, the groceries and vegetables…. I touch wood, knock it thrice, touch – knock, touch – knockkkkk… things on the family front are ok… did I say touch wood? If I could ask God to make things better, it would be around my entire family’s health… the year gone by was a dark one for that… and I do hope from the bottom of my heart that some of the changes get reversed…. Pray with me on that one… Health is Wealth are not mere words, it is a reality that a lot of us young ones fail to realise…

Oh but my pet peeve – household help! Eeeeks… I get nightmares about it sometimes and am at my wit’s end about how to deal with these people… I need another Godsend miracle here… truly…. From maid’s taking off at will to throwing attitude, I have seen it all…. And that evokes my temper like anything… I am not one to scream usually. In my 5+ years of working, I can’t even count 5 instances where I lost my temper and screamed at someone. With the maid, I have lost count! I think she is a psychic and knows my lungs don’t get enough exercise and is determined to give me some!!!

Ah, I have it out of my system and boy, that feels nice… I have been wanting to rant about this for I don’t know how long…. Feels light… Oh no, here’s another heavy thought bogs me down and this one is about – Ghajini! I agree they have made a nice film. Dared to be different with the concept, the treatment was authentic… Hiranandani was shown as Hiranandani, the road outside looked like Powai… Bandra reclamation looked beautiful and Amir’s office could have been anyone of the BKC buildings! For those who didn’t get what I am talking about – its Mumbai… the film did give me a pang of homesickness… sigh! Though I still wish I could see such a clean and gleaming BEST Double Decker, and one that is practically empty too…. But lets call that creative liberty, shall we? The violence is the film is thankfully devoid of too much bloodshed, but not of impact! In fact, it is so impactful that I woke up the next morning dreaming of it… not the best start of the day, I must say! Hubby too confessed he had violent images flashing thru his mind and both of us wanted to see a mindless comedy immediately afterward to was off Ghajini’s impact… But Sunday night with a packed work week ahead does not give you that opportunity… Damn the theatre, for not having any Saturday tickets… While hubby drowned himself in work, it took me Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen and 5 complete episodes of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai to get out of the headache that Ghajini gave me! My colleague A said it takes a minimum of three and a half weeks to cure, and I almost fainted at her words…. If Amir Khan ever googled for Ghajini and this post did come up on the 343rd page and he just happened to look at it, I am not sure if he’d be happy or sad…. Happy that his film is so impactful and sad that its not perhaps the impact he desired… I am sure he was not looking for the film to give its viewers a headache and leave them wishing for a temporary short term memory loss… which I did, just to rid myself of the headache. It must be tough – making something that people like and dislike at the same time!

Now that feels so so so much better! Getting all that out of me… 🙂


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)