The Interview


She was nervous and fidgety as she rode the escalator.

What if he screamed, refused the interview and threw her out?

Don’t be silly. He won’t recognize you.

What if he did?

He wouldn’t. Celebrity Reporter Dianne Cooper’s stylized self bore no resemblance to the disguised, teenaged DeeCee he had met. She had ascended in life. But then, so had he!

For the last five years, she had carried the guilt of having used him. It had been a one off incident. But, its memory kept her awake at night sometimes.

She pushed the image of his beckoning, lecherous eyes out of her mind. Years ago when he was a starlet breaking into the mainstream, his producer hid him in a small town till the release. Just to get DeeCee out of his skin, the editor of a local paper promised her a permanent place if she got him a scoop with the mysterious new star.

The town had one big hotel. Finding him had taken her a week. Getting him drunk and to bed had needed just another hour. Her Dictaphone captured every slurred syllable of his drunken speech. The next day’s headline read “Confessions” beside a picture of his unclothed torso. The story was picked up by papers everywhere. DeeCee metamorphosed into Dianne Cooper overnight!

Success’s sweet memory boosted her confidence while she waited for the star to appear.

He appeared and broke into a grin. “DeeCee, I’ve been meaning to thank you for the last five years”



I wrote this story as a part of a contest. It is a short fiction contest where one writes a story upto 250 words inspired from the pic above. Hope you guys like it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)