Romance – #SixWordSaturday

Six Word Story

A six word story. Also in response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Flash Fiction.”

6 thoughts on “Romance – #SixWordSaturday”

    1. I really enjoy these little bits of fiction. Most 6 word stories make me think of the back story that is not told. I suppose that is the aim of this format. Firing up the reader’s imagination!!

      Do you write 6 word fiction?

  1. beautiful story…. you know they call it nanotale, according to a legend Hemingway was the first person who wrote a six word story. just shared the fact, i don’t know why. 🙂

    1. Oh… I did not know that bit of trivia. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Do you write nanofiction? Wondering why call it nanofiction though? should it not be pico fiction? Nano fiction should be 9 words!

      1. i dont know it qualifies as nanotale or not and its little sad, my take is He failed. Everyone left. Waiting Death. in case you dont like last word, replace it with miracle. though i have a nice one too, and its my blog tagline,” Searching For Love Life and Happiness. “

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