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Lifestyle July 7, 2015

How to Beat Monsoon Blues like a Fashionista

Monsoon Blues Fashionista

I had a few thoughts on how to beat the monsoon blues like a fashionista. I jotted them down and was quite happy with the result. So, I sent it as a contribution to a fashion site. Guess what? They published it! My ideas for beating the monsoon blues are – Bring out the colours in your outfits Use popping accessories Wear platform shoes Get fun monsoon gear Keep the makeup waterproof Buy quick dry fabrics Head over to How to…

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Photography July 2, 2015

Mundane Monday Challenge – Raindrops on Glass

Raindrops of Glass

Hi guys, do you know about PhoTraBlogger? Then go visit Jithin’s blog PhoTraBlogger for a visual treat! He does a Mundane Monday Challenge prompting readers to find beauty in the most mundane of things. This week, I decided to participate 🙂 Here is my entry for this week’s challenge – Raindrops on Glass…

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Lifestyle September 21, 2007


Raindrops of Glass

She had been playing hide and seek for many days now. Making an appearance quietly in the night and leaving her mark. It was only when you woke up in the morning did you realise she had been there. The morning air smelled different. The fragrance of her visit lingered on, adding a freshness to the morning that was somehow different. Her footprint could be seen everywhere. The roads were damp and the plants were bathed. You wish you had…

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