Unfinished Story – The (un)Broken Dream

Here is a story I wrote some years back. The Indispire post this week talked about unfinished stories. I have tonnes of them. Do I plan to finish it? I am not sure… The day was warm, very very warm. It was just the beginning of October, a time when the Mumbai weather turned from pleasant to unbearable. Aseem was on his way back from a client’s place. It was a regular client meeting, with Aseem pitching in more services and products to increase revenue of his account and the client cribbing about the status of existing services. His car

Are eBooks not Real Books? #paperbackvsebooks

A book is a book. Does the physical form matter? Apparently, it does! I have heard a lot of people refer to paper books as real books and eBooks as… well… unreal books??? As someone who made the transition to ebooks with a lot of ease, I find this a bit strange. A book for me is about the content, the words, the story, the message of the author. Whether it gets printed on matte paper or glossy, whether it resides on a library shelf or a kindle, to me it is a real book. I have had friends who

Today’s Kids and Reading

When I was a youngling, I read a poem that started with the line… What World of Wonder are Our Books! It went on to describe how books make you travel faster then the speed of light and give you experiences you may not otherwise have the chance to have. The verse completely resonated with me since I have been losing myself in the world of books forever. Reading was a very popular hobby back in school, second only to sports and everyone who read was part of a community.

My Ultimate Romantic Fantasy – Breakfast In Bed

I once took a test on Social Media… you know the kind that tell you how you are, who should you date etc etc! If you have read the last few blog posts of mine, you’d probably know about the personality test I took on Facebook recently. So this one was ages ago… literally, almost eight years ago and said that my ultimate romantic fantasy was Breakfast in Bed 🙂