Does It Matter: Marriage or Live-In?

Does it Matter? Apparently it does… at least in India. No wonder it is a much discussed topic in the Indian media and now an active Indispire topic.

Couple in Love
A Couple in Love
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I feel what we as a culture have forgotten that a partnership throws two people together and the most important thing is for those two individuals to get along, understand and accept each other. To support each other and nurture the relationship. Everyone else forms the second circle of influence. If the couple is in love and has enough faith in each other, the relationship can survive anything and indeed become stronger over time.

A marriage in such a scenario is the declaration of that relationship to the society around them, their family and friends. In modern India, it has also come to mean the parental seal of approval on a relationship. How different is a Live In relationship? Does it mean a lesser commitment? Does it mean lesser love? Does it mean the couple is testing waters? Perhaps Yes. Is it because they there are no legal claims over the partner and separation is relatively easier? Perhaps Yes.

But then, is it really so? Is there less love and less trust in a live in? When you think about the same couple and the same relationship, will a marriage change the dynamics overnight? I don’t think so. The couple would be the same. And if they are the same, does it matter if they aremarried or not?

Lets talk about separation now. Is there less of heartache and less of pain in a live in than marriage? Is the experience any less bitter? Again, think of the same relationship? The loss of love, the fights would be there. So, does it matter?

So why do people marry? I think a majority of Indians would embrace Live-In in a heartbeat if the social taboo is removed. To test their compatibility with a partner and then move on. A marriage would then be the means to give your partner a legal status. To give your children the inheritance rights. But as far as the couple is considered…. It does not matter!

Big shout out to Ikku of Makeup Monologues for allowing me to use this pic of hers and her hubby… a couple very much in love!


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