It’s Not That Simple on Voot

That title did not mean Voot is not simple, it is simply a new show on Voot titled.. It’s Not That Simple. Marriages are not simple. Each marriage has it’s own learning curve, it’s own adjustments, contentment and discomfort. Now you throw unhappiness and an affair in the mix. What do you get? Well, It’s Not That Simple… The show, as you saw in the trailer is a six part web series. I was invited to the media launch of the show last week and we saw the first episode. We saw Meera, an educated housewife who has put her


I have been with my husband for Two Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety Four days now. That’s a little over seven years 🙂 And yet, I can count on my fingers the days we felt truly together. These are precious days. These are days that are etched in my memory for being special and for making me feel special. These are days that are precious for making me believe that we truly belong together! It was October’08 and we had been married for just about eight months. We were in Delhi then and the air had just about begun to cool