Unboxing: The Day Drinking Box January 2017

Hiya people, as all of you know…. there are subscription boxes galore in India. While most of them focus on beauty and fashion accessories, there are few that venture into something different as well. An example of that is the The Day Drinking Box. Brought to you by the same team that curates The Violet Box, this box has an interesting story! During a Violet Box party (term used by the team for a brainstorming session), Gaurav their COO came up with the idea of having a box that focussed only on tea and coffee. He reflected on data showing an

My Ultimate Romantic Fantasy – Breakfast In Bed

I once took a test on Social Media… you know the kind that tell you how you are, who should you date etc etc! If you have read the last few blog posts of mine, you’d probably know about the personality test I took on Facebook recently. So this one was ages ago… literally, almost eight years ago and said that my ultimate romantic fantasy was Breakfast in Bed 🙂

Stealing a Cup of Coffee

Before you guys think that I go and think of me as a kleptomaniac, I must clarify that its not so much the cup, but the time to enjoy a cup that needs to be stolen. Omigosh! Long sentence na? Did that make sense? No? Let me elaborate…Our days are hectic. We live in a fast paced world where the 24 hours we have in a day seem grossly insufficient to do all that we desire. On such days when I wish for a break, I go steal a cup of coffee. The heady aroma relaxes me and the caffeine