This Woman’s Day…

Women Painting
A very happy woman’s day to all the ladies out there. I am sure you have read loads of messages since morning telling you how lovely you are… I too have read tonnes of them on WhatsApp, Facebook and have been wished by family, friends and colleagues. This is one day of the year that every marketeer in the world tries to make you feel special. Isn’t it?
Just wondering….So after you have felt special and all that, think about the women in your life that form a big part and yet go neglected by many. Think about it.  How many of you wished your maids today? Or  any of your support staff. We cannot imagine our lives without them. And yet do we treat them like women. If you are one of those who do… kudos to you.  If not,  then maybe you should think about it. Aren’t they women too? Isn’t it there day as well? So shouldn’t we be nice to them too?


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Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)