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I am so much into Twitter these days… bro calls it my new toy and I’d agree…. the good part about tweeting is that my obsession with fashion blogs has reduced considerably… 🙂 I couldn’t be more relieved… now I am an ABCD (A Bit Confused Dresser) coz I am experimenting with sartorialism… here’s to retail therapy!!!

The weather in Delhi has cooled and after the 40degree summer, I think we are quite ready for it. Not so ready for the commonwealth, if the state of the roads is anything to go by… the traffic is so unpredictable you dont know if the journey is gonna take you 30 mins or an hour and 30 mins… am not a fan of delhi traffic so i dont pass up an opportunity to crib…

I did a 24 hour trip to Jaipur with hubby this month and the sad state on Indian Tourism saddens me. We had a long conversation about the places we have been to and concluded that India under utilises its potential in this area. Agreed that Incredible India is an Incredible campaign, but ground reality HAS to match up to the promises. Can the auto / taxi drivers stop trying to fleece travelers? Can information desks be more inviting? Can people help more? Can we get value for money? Can we have better trains? More frequent trains?

Speaking of trains, the journey began with unattended bag lying in our coupe. The mother of twins that shared it with us coolly informed us that the bag wasn’t hers. A 20 year old boy left it there and went away before the train started!!! Can you imagine how we reacted? We got hold of the attendants, refused to sit there and demanded the TC (who never bothered to come there btw) We asked for the bag to be left at the next station. The attendant prob wasn’t authorised enough but he was concerned as well. After an hour or so, the dopey owner of the bag saunters in, shaking to the beat of his ipod. We gave him an earful and he gave us a glazed look throughout… Kids these days! And the ppl around us were just not bothered. Probably thought we were over reacting. But what if that bag actually had a bomb? Wouldn’t they wish that someone HAD overreacted? Whatever happened to being alert citizens and in times like these…..

What would you have done in such a situation????

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)