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5 crazy things airlines must have on a plane

5 crazy things airlines must have on a plane

When I do long haul flights, I am thankful there is a clean toilet close to landing time! And here she is worried about not having a shower 🙂

This video is meant to be satirical but in my opinion it is yet another example that points out the vast difference between the haves and the have nots. Taking a cue from the tone of the ad, here are my 5 crazy things airlines must have on a plane

  1. Internet Connection Free Internet Connection – Now if airlines wanted real sticky loyalty, here is what they should be looking to give; free internet to everyone aboard. I mean everyone. First class to cattle err economy class
  2. Selfie Stations – What use is free internet if you can’t take tonnes of pictures and post on social media. Right? Every airplane should have a selfie station with cool props like the pilot’s cap, stewardess hat etc. etc.
  3. Champagne – Every single passenger must be given champagne. Don’t the airlines tell us that they value us and all that? So a tall flute of bubbly is how you welcome guests aboard!
  4. PlayPen – Now this is for the harried mothers. You’ve handed her a glass to relax herself and before she knows it the feisty toddler has struck it out on to the floor. Get them kids on a playpen with toys, some cartoons, maybe a bit of sand. The mothers can actually rest while those nannies watch over the kids
  5. Jacuzzi – A long haul flight means sore aching limbs. A quick dip in the jacuzzi would be the perfect solution. No?
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