8 Years…

Eight years ago, I met my husband for the first time… our first date was a short one at a Barista outlet. I only remember one thing about it – him asking me why I wanted to marry him. I don’t remember what exactly I said… but must have been something right coz we ended up getting spoken for the next day.

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We had an arranged marriage, which means we spoke for a few days, met once and told our parents we were okay to marry each other. Can you imagine that our fates were shaped by that 30 minute conversation in a coffee shop?


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6 thoughts on “8 Years…”

    1. Hey Verushka, all the best… arranged marriages aren’t even the norm in India these days.. but I for one think that there is no harm in meeting people…! It is upto you to say yes or no..

  1. Congratulations guys! Wishing you all the very best! I had a similar story..it amazes me too, how few hours changes into a lifetime of commitment! 🙂

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