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They say change is the only constant in life. I couldn’t agree more… but if you are wondering where this thought popped into my head and more importantly, what is it doing on a beauty blog, hold your horses… there is a connection 🙂

Most of my school and college friends (who are connected to me on FB) posted pics over the last week. Some have just had babies (at least 4 of them.. the stork has been busy!), some have taken awesome vacations, others have been to great parties.. well, you know its that time of the year. So I looked at the pic of a girl who has not posted pics in ages and almost did a double take! I would not have recognised her if she was not tagged. (In the last decade, ppl would have said if she walked next to me on a street :p). She has gained some weight, chopped off her lovely long tresses, coloured them darker.. you get the drift. Right? She looks like a different person. Now, I am not commenting on her weight. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. But when a stick thin girl goes plump in two years or so… it is difficult to recognise her. With that thought stuck in my head, I looked at a few more pics. The geeky nerdy girl now looks chic and polished. The tomboy is one hot babe and the babe of the class looks like she belongs to another century. There are very few people who are the same when I knew them. Its been a decade since I saw my college friends and more so for the school ones. Changes were bound to have happened.

I am so happy for those who have changed for the better. Lets face it… in today’s world, looks matter. And looks is not just your natural features. It is the whole package. What God gave you is ten percent, your grooming, carriage and self presentation is the rest. In the professional world, you have to smarten up and shed your grungy jeans an tees, messy hair and the general air of not caring for your appearance. But I am a tad disappointed for ones that let it slip. I hope none of them have serious body image issues. I would love to see them as the visually pleasing individuals they were…

Oh, and I have changed tons too. But I am still the nerdy one :p

4 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Totally agree with each and every thing you have said. We should be the first one to respect ourselves and our body too. I find myself in your shoes, I have friends who got married and doubled their weight in less than 2 years… thats not really good 🙁

    10 min in front of the mirror will make anyone fall in love with themselves again… what say ?

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