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The Common Man

We have been hearing for ages about the slogan “Clean India, Green India”. But as the years go by, the country has been becoming less clean and less green. The biggest contributor to this lack of cleanliness in the country is this:

The Common Man
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The Common Man! Yes, the common man and that means you and I. Each and every one of us. Each one of us is responsible for the UnClean India that we see today. And no, I am not talking about the garbage on the roads, the clocked sewers and the polluted rivers. I am talking about the cleanliness of thought, of intent as a society, as a country, as a culture. For decades now we have fallen into the passive zone of non action and the active zone of blaming. Without moving our butt off the high horse, we blame the government, the civic bodies, the people lower than us in the social strata, the people above is in the social strata, the education system, the corporate system and each and everything about our country. As a result, the common man takes no pride in being Indian anymore. The secret to the clean India lies in the clean conscience of all Indians. We clean our conscience and we can clean most of what is wrong with the country.

  • This clean conscience will stop me from waving a 100 rupee note in front of the traffic hawaldar when we jump a signal. This clean conscience will prevent us from jumping signals
  • This clean conscience will allow us to tell people to not jump queues This clean conscience will tell us to take our right place at the end of the queue
  • This clean conscience will allow us to teach a lesson to the eve-teasers This clean conscience will make men respect women and not objectify them

There can be a million other examples like this… lets start the Safai Abhiyaan with ourselves and clean our conscience…

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