DIY: Homemade Sugar Scrub

Actually, this post should be titled Hotelmade Scrub! This is a real handy trick when you forget your exfoliator on a trip and don’t have a kitchen to your disposal. Most hotels provide you tea / coffee sachets in the room. What  accompanies that is sugar and milk powder. Get the trick? No? Read On…

Sugar and Olive Oil is a wonderful scrub. We know that. But once I was stuck without any oil and in desperation used milk powder. I got a wonderful results out of this. So, when I got back home I improvised and decided to make this again.

What you Need

  1. One Tablespoon Sugar Crystals 
  2. One Sachet / Tablespoon Milk Powder
  3. One Teaspoon Oil (Olive / Almond / Coconut)

The oil is optional. It does not improve the efficacy of the scrub. It does make application easier. When you mix the dry sugar and powder, you need to add a little water to it and make a thick paste. The milkpowder gives a creamy texture to it. Now if you are not careful here, the powder ends up balling and it becomes difficult to apply. Oil just helps keep the mixture together. If you are oily skinned (and not klutzy like me) you can happily skip this step.

I apply this paste on damp skin and massage till sugar dissolves. If the crystals are large, you can stop after a minute or so. Best do this in the shower. It gets messy! Also make sure you don’t add too much water. The milk becomes runny and the sugar does not have enough lubrication. You will hurt your skin this way.

The scrub works very well to remove the grime and leave your skin soft. It is not the best one (Coffee Scrub is my favority DIY) but does a decent job when you don’t have anything else to fall back on. If you don’t like its results, well… just hop to the market and buy a branded scrub!

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