From Lips to Growing up!

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For years and years now…. I have used lip balm for chapped lips (mine have a brutal tendency to chap) I have tried various brands and found Vaseline and Dermalogic to be the ones best suited to me… Then, I discovered makeup… Nude coloured lipsticks did the trick for me, gave me a hint of colour and shine… and kept the lips protected… Then I realised that makeup extends beyond lipstick, kohl and liner…. I got lip gloss… loved what liquid lipgloss did to the lipstick and I was a life long fan!

Yesterday, when cleaning out my closet, I discovered a gift from a friend… (actually, it was hubby’s friend) A pot of solid lip gloss… it has been sitting in my closet for years now, totally neglected. On an impulse, i tried it out… and by jove! it was lip balm, lip colour and gloss… all rolled into one… Why the hell did I not try it before? That planted a thought in me… am I less adventurous now? I am one to try out new things (all the time) be it food, places to visit, things to do…. but off late, I haven’t been so… 🙁 Is this what growing up is all about?

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