Interview with Anamika Mishra and a Giveaway

Voice Mates Anamika Mishra

I met Anamika Mishra, a fellow blogger during the Tata Motors meet in Goa. At that time I did not know that she is a published author and has been a Radio Jockey! I found out that she left her full time job to turn into an author. Here is a tete-a-tete about her and her latest book Voice Mates..

Q. Tell us something about yourself Anamika

A. I am Anamika Mishra, a dreamer who worked really hard on making her dreams come true! Yes, becoming as author was a dream and it came true when my first novel Too hard to handle got released in 2013. I am a writer by profession, author and blogger to be more precise… and now, a screenwriter too. (I shall share more details very soon). Apart from writing, I am an avid traveller, shopaholic, movie lover and hold a passion for photography. I deliver motivational talks and occasionally take workshops for aspiring writers.


Q. What is it like to be an RJ? Is it a glamorous job?
A. Well, not really! Being Rj is not that exciting as it sounds, especially when you get to host a morning show and you have reach office by 6:30AM sharp when there is just you, office boy and production manager in the office, and on top of that you have to sound fresh and say goodbye to your sleep. For me, it was really tough as I am night person. I work late night and therefore, it becomes hard for me to get up for early in the morning, until I have to get up to travel… because then the situation is a win-win for me!


Q. When and how did you start blogging?
A. I started my blog in 2007. That time people didnt even know what blogging was… and I used to explain my friends that it is like having a public diary where you can share your thoughts and views. I remember I saw a tvc about save tigers initiative where it said, send messages, post updates, write blogs and share the word. ‘Write blogs’ instantly caught my attention and I without giving a second thought, signed up at blogger and created a blog.


Q. Do you remember what your first blog post was about?
A. Of-course! So, I as I told you that inspiration to write a blog came to me via a tvc of Save Tigers initiative, my first blog post was dedicated to this initiative only. I didn’t edit that post and it is still as it was. You can have a look


Q.How did the transition to writing happen?
A. As a school girl, I wanted to be an author. I have grown up reading English classics and since that time, I wanted to write books. Though, I was waiting for a perfect time to start writing novels until a friend of mine made me realize that whatever it is, it is now… you should not wait any more to make your dreams come true. That was the
time when I started writing Too hard to handle. I was in last year of my MJMC.


Q. Was it easy to publish your book? Does being a blogger help?
A. Blogging was a mere hobby for me, before I got published. So, I hardly got any help being a blogger as I didn’t have blogger friends nor I had any contacts in this literary field. Getting a book published was not an easy task because I had send my manuscript to many publishers and the Kalpaz publications were the first ones to give a positive response, so I immediately said yes to them. It was an exciting phase for me.


Voice Mates


Q. Tell us about VoiceMates? Is it based on your own experiences?
A. VoiceMates is my second novel published by Jaico books. It is a musical love story of a girl who has a secret passion for singing and a boy for whom singing is just a way to earn money. The story is how Tulip and Sam together participate in an international duet singing reality show and what happens henceforth. It is an inspiring novels which talks about taking risks in order to pursue one’s passion and making the best of that 1 chance given to


Q. Finally, is there something you would like to tell our readers and budding writers?
A. I would like to say that if you have a passion for something, then don’t suppress it. Instead, give it a shot and give you 110% in that shot. And keep trying hard because there is always a next time.


Did you enjoy that? Well, I hope you did.. Now, Anamika and I have a little surprise for you. We are giving you a chance to win two copies of her book, Voice Mates. Details in the rafflecopter widget below

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