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JAMM’s unveils its latest social initiative i – light to commemorate its completion of one and a half years. JAMM’s wishes to light the glow of hope in the lives of the visually impaired. If anyone were to be asked – What is the one thing that comes first to your mind about Diwali? Surely the answer would be ‘lights’. Now imagine not being able to see and experience the festival of lights; to forever be relegated to the shadows; to be forgotten even as merriment explodes all around you! This is the fate of most of the visually impaired people in India.

JAMM’s would like to bring the spirit of Diwali to those who cannot see but can surely feel the warmth of graciousness and generosity.

This is the time to light the spark of joy in the hearts of those who for the most part are ignored and sidelined and make them feel that they do matter and there are people out there who care. Your generous contributions will go towards gifting these beautiful souls ‘white sticks’ and ‘spectacles.’

This Diwali forego the fire crackers or the new i – Phone and think about giving i – light instead. The warm glow of doing a good deed will last long after the Diwali diyas have been extinguished!

Execution date: 8th November 2015 , Sunday

City: Mumbai

About JAMM’s

Journey About Mast Moms or JAMM’s, as we like to call it, is all about providing that push that all moms need at this stage in life. Activate that dormant career graph in the corporate world, education, business or be a full time mom, which is probably the most challenging profile as your home and work environment never change. Guide your child well by making informed choices in life, whether for parenting skills, speech, art and creativity, bonding, cooking, nutrition and health, financial planning, you name it! JAMM’s will back you up and provide the all-important emotional fortress that you require to strengthen the foundation for your family.

This exclusive ‘Support Group’ for Mumbai based Moms/ Moms-to-be/ Single Moms for networking has been created to encourage mothers to communicate + connect without any prejudices. It is an interactive group for moms since April 2014 & is non-commercial in nature. If you are a Mumbai based mommy and would like to join JAMM’s, write to [email protected]

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