Love, Whatever That Means by Aditi Mathur Kumar #BookReview featuring The Body Shop Lipstick Coral Cutie

Love, Whatever That Means by Aditi Mathur Kumar

PageThose of you who read my blog do know that I love reading. I am impartial to most genres of fiction. Be it thrillers, spyware, mythology, fantasy or romance. One genre that I am particularly fond of though is chicklit. I really enjoy a well written chicklit. However, well written chicklits are hard to find. They are as rare as gems and I usually pick one with trepidation.

Aditi Mathur Kumar‘s first book Soldier and Spice came highly recommended from Ikku, a gorgeous beauty blogger and now an army wife. I was intrigued by the choice of subject but when I read it, boy it was great! Aditi also happens to be an avid blogger and I found out that we were in a common WhatsApp group. So when she approached me for reviewing her second book: Love, Whatever That Means, I agreed in a heartbeat.

Plot of Love, Whatever That Means

The Goodreads blurbs sums up the book and it’s mood beautifully!

Hi, I’m Tina. I work for a TV news channel. I have quirky, adorable friends and a Mr. Army Guy who seems like The One. What can go wrong?

Turns out, a lot! My boss is a pervert, the job is meh and no friend is single any more. Also, the special someone is too intense to be true. Help me, someone!

An adorable goofy heroine thrown into some everyday and some unusual situations and how she copes with them (or attempts to) is what this book is all about. The book also looks at Sexual Harassment at the workplace which is a very real situation for many young women in the corporate world.

What I Liked about Love, Whatever That Means

The humour! Oh my God the humor! Aditi is a master at writing humour. She finds humour in situations which would make a normal person cringe and genuinely makes you laugh. I loved that the characters are all so relatable. A gang of friends that has a mish mash of intense, secretive, loudmouth, sane headed and incredibly caring people. The boss at work who is mad, a person in power who abuses his position, a well meaning but misunderstood leader and loads of chaos. The usual corporate descriptions 🙂 The slightly confused, slightly confident, goofy and adorable Tina has some of the best lines in the book.. kinda obvious considering she is the heroine.. and you can not help fall in love with her… to add to it she loves bright lipsticks… like this The Body Shop Colour Colour Crush Lipstick in Coral Cutie (shade #105)

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What I Did Not Like about Love, Whatever That Means

As I mentioned in the Plot section, the book deals with the issue of Sexual Harrassment at work. A lot of young women tend to blame themselves for having given off the wrong signals to perverts. Am I dressing wrong? Is my behaviour inappropriate? Is my body language incorrect? Tina goes through similar feelings. While this is a very relevant subject and must be talked about, I think it went on and on in the story. Tina was very thick headed in this matter and it took her very long to realise… well, read the book to know what she realised 😛

Final Thoughts on Love, Whatever That Means

Another breezy, fun read… the kind of book I most enjoy, the kind of book that makes me want to skip meetings and finish! Do pick it for Tina (who is part autobiographical as confirmed by Aditi) and her craziness, for her one liners and the dreamy hero!

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