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Terra Chips – A Gourmet Snacking Experience

Terra Chips  – A Gourmet Snacking Experience

What is your first impression when I say Gourmet?

I think of miniscule portions, elaborate presentations, punch of flavours, play of textures… basically, lots of visual drama but not enough food to fill your stomach. However, I always associate gourmet with a plate. So a pack of chips meant for gourmet snacking was unique for me. I mean chips… they are just fried discs. Right? Wrong. As I learnt from my brush with Terra chips.

Terra Chips
Terra Chips Vegetable with Mediterranean Seasoning
Terra Chips
Terra Chips Blue Potato

The packaging was really classy and what I liked most was that the chips had a variety of other vegetables besides potato. I really enjoyed the taro crisps and the beet dyed ones. They would look so pretty served in little bowls all around your coffee tables during a house party. The Mediterranean flavoured chips pack in a lot of flavour. They were a delight to eat.

Terra Chips
Yuca, Taro and Beet Dyed Vegetable Terra Chips

The blue potato chips look so different and my daughter was not sure that they were indeed edible. Are you sure I can eat them? She asked. She took a tentative bite only once I had polished off a chip and did not drop dead! This tastes better than the regular chip, she chipped (hello, play of words) and then gobbled them off. What kid does not like chips? I am yet to meet one. She was really fascinated by the blue colour and kept asking me if we could turn all the potato curries blue at home!

Terra Chips
Terra Chips

I looked up the online portals and found Terra Chips were available on Nature’s Basket.  The price at Rs 394 a pack is steep but then these are not your everyday snacks. I would call them a once in a while indulgence. When you are in a mood to go gourmet but not spend ages toiling away in the kitchen or don’t have the time to sit down for a fine dining experience, a pack of these real vegetable chips is just the right option!

Terra Chips
Terra Chips
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