Madhushala, Sartorialism & Awakening

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Listening to Madhushala while working is not a good idea…. I have slipped into a philosophical mood every time I have heard it… so why do I keep listening to it, specially when i need action? Is it Manna De’s velvetty voice or Harivanshrai Bachchan’s magical poetry? I would never know… Music helps me keep sane on crazy work days, crazy everyday drives, cooking, chores I like, chores I dislike… basically, everything under the sun! 🙂

On another unrelated note, I realised that Harivanshrai Bachchan’s name rhymes with his grand DIL… Aishwarya Rai Bachchan… funny, eh…

Have any of you ever had a sartorialist awakening? I seem to be having mine these days… am more conscious of what I wear than I was earlier. You know the transformation girls undergo in their teens when they suddenly discover fashion and make up and styling? That’s happening to me now… a whole decade after most girls… a late bloomer if there ever was one! On my last holiday, I picked up a set of styling tongs and I am absolutely in love with them… i have curled, twisted, straightened and puffed my hair since getting the tongs and if I had my way, I’d use them everyday! My bro told me (actually commented my FB wall) on a complately unrelated topic that you are finally turning to a girl… I looked for corroborative evidence of it and discovered that I

  • read chicklit and fashion blogs (hmmm)
  • look at the charaters clothes and accessoceries on TV (errrrr)
  • give ladies on the street a once over (uh-oh)
  • can identify designer handbags at malls (gasp!)
  • screams at lizard sightings (shriek)

Oh God, I am a typical “girl”… but hang on, there is more to me… I also

  • kill roaches as soon as I spot them
  • despise too much mush
  • want to do water sports / adventure sports
  • agree that being a typical girl is nothing to be proud / ashamed about

So the last point basically makes it a non-issue…

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)