Mink – A Valet Laundry Service in Mumbai

Mink Laundry

This is the day and age of valet services. One such service is Mink – a valet laundry service based in Mumbai. When I was contacted by Mink Laundry to try their services, I was intrigued. I have used laundry and dry cleaning services in Delhi before but have always had to make trips to drop and collect. The option of a pick up and delivery just did not exist. Is it any wonder then that I was excited to try the service out?

About Mink Laundry

On their website, www.mink.co.in, they describe themselves as

MINK is a pre-eminent laundry service, focused on providing superior quality & personalised care to your garments. Technology being the core, MINK promises to deliver an excellent customer experience.

While exploring the services offered by them, I was pleasantly surprised to see that in addition to regular wash, dry clean and ironing services, they also offered care for shoes and bags. They have an impressive list and the prices are quite reasonable for the service provided.

Mink Laundry Services


Mink Laundry – Pick up & Delivery

I was very impressed by the pick up and delivery services. I booked the service using WhatsApp and informed the article and time. I was called 30 mins prior to pick up for confirmation. The rep who arrived to pick up was dressed in the MINK uniform and was well groomed and spoke well. He informed me that they were a paperless service and the invoice would be shared with me via email. Mink had offered a complimentary service to me so I was not expecting an invoice. They did send me a zero value invoice though. He told me to expect it back in a week but they called me in just two days. During delivery too I was called to ask for a convenient time. I rescheduled the delivery and the team was quite accommodating. They agreed to deliver it late evening. The package was delivered in a Paper Carry bag and neatly wrapped up in a plastic sack.

Mink Laundry Packaging


Mink Laundry – Cleaning Services

I had requested them to dry clean a double blanket. Now cleaning blankets is always tricky. This blanket is light coloured and it was a bit dusty. There were a few stains on it where my daughter dropped some melted chocolate on it. When I received it back, I was happy that the blanket was squeaky clean and had no stains left. It had lost all of its softness though and felt coarse to touch. Am not sure if that was to be expected or some of the softness could be retained.

Final Thoughts

I am impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the service. They were attentive to me and addressed my concerns and questions effectively. Sending me an e-invoice meant that they were a process driven organisation and I highly value that! I would give the cleaning itself four stars on five. For a busy professional, this service is definitely a big help. I would recommend this for sure! You can visit their Facebook page for more detail.

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